Sunday, September 28, 2008

find my words, and know that they're Yours

i'll cover my eyes
until i see that i'm ok
because i am

a strange new dwelling
i could only stare intently
into a thick layer of cloud cover

sleeping took learning

Your active ears
make for a calm heart
somehow peace, well-being, is here

continue to find me,
even if i may absent-mindedly walk away

Friday, September 19, 2008

a new lamp is a warm friend

inside felt cold, however the yellow light that has newly been incorporated into the living space was quick to warm me up, at least partially.

sometimes it is easy to feel left behind. (no, i don't mean this in the sense of the best seller "Christian" fictional series.[which unfortunately i read entirely as a middle schooler]) i need You to give security, even to be it for me.

i just needed some space, but that same space that i desired left me feeling awkward. sometimes it feels as though circumstances don't fit, but instead cling to you like an ill-fitting cardigan.

my ears feel empty. but i'm patient, really i am.

Friday, September 12, 2008

embarking upon the high seas

dried out and wrinkled
maybe the times when we are worn
are the times when You can most function.

a new weather system is rolling in
currents are changing
a gale is a brewing
hold me fast to what is solid.

Your wind-chapped hands
know exactly where to guide
this ship
and set it's sails.

Friday, September 5, 2008

committed you are to your purposes

circumstances are
help me to revert back to
that is found
when you speak

i purposed
from the beginning
to follow through
You have shown me Your
thus far

show me what is real
then I will know
ponder on
the ultimate certainty
I know You to

my insides waste away
decentralized burdens.
may you lead me away from
that which is fake
put on

teach me obedience
holding hands
with grace

i knew i could only walk
this way
with You at my side
i believe in
noises that come
from Your mouth

i cling
to what You have already
worked out

don't turn
Your face from me now
i'll certainly

my feet will continue
to exert their energies
only because
You will increase
the capacity of