Thursday, May 29, 2008

in charlotte, mugsy bogues is nowhere to be found

Bed Schedule of the last week:

Thursday, May
Friday, May 23: Hotel Room in Douz, Tunisia. Woke up sweating, stood up, went back to sleep.
Saturday, May 24: Bed in Sousse, Tunisia.
Sunday, May 25: A few hours on the cold tile in the Madrid airport didn't prove to allow for much slumber, but it got us home to Torremolinos.
Monday, May 26: Bunkbed in Torremolinos, Spain.
Tuesday, May 27: Bunkbed in Amsterdam Base. Ate noodle, stocked up on salt licorice.
Wednesday, May 28: Ground of Charlotte airport. Though awakened every two hours by the loudspeaker recording, slept remarkably well.

Projected for Thursday, May 29: somewhere in San Jose, Costa Rica

And now it's breakfast time with brotherbear.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

invisible tasting cheese coupled with cracker bread makes for a filling treat.

In my estimation, I've eaten upwards of 20 pieces of cracker bread today.

On Thursday I purchased a block of cheese. It didn't taste very well, but I figured it was valuable protein, so I decided I would make use of it. Before lunch today, I had 50% of the block of cheese left to eat. After lunch today, I had zero percent left to eat. This was eaten with nearly ten pieces of cracker bread, mostly to mask the taste of the neutrally-flavoured cheese. If I had to describe the taste, I would probably describe it as invisible.

Tonight for dinner I consumed some Ramen, though it wasn't name brand Ramen. I had some more cracker bread left, so I decided to finish them off. Fairly certain over ten pieces disappeared into my tummy-box.

Tonight I'm going to sleep/wait/knit/write/read/eat muesli in the Charles De Gaulle airport. I will have sufficient energy to do this because I have consumed so much cracker bread.