Sunday, February 10, 2008


It's a bummer when your backpack is stolen from your rental car.

It's a bummer to have a laptop and other expensive electronics in that backpack, but it is also a bummer to be without the practical ammenities such as underpants, a couple t-shirts for the week, and chargers that can no longer be used to charge the electronics that are still left in your posession, amongst other things.

But life is still good. I see that these things can't take away from where I stand with the Lord, and that is in life. Pray that the one's who absconded with these things may also come to the realization of this life (perhaps reading through the journals or bibles they'll see something that catches their eye?) And then maybe they could then drop off the backpacks and objects within to an obvious location where those objects can then be transported to the fuzz, and in turn moi, Sung Ha, and Christina.

And to you, State Farm Insurance, please accept the claim on these stolen goods.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


These are some arts from the West Bank side of the Security Barrier between Israel and the West Bank. I can't say I agree with all of the staunch, polemical (this is a new word I've just learned) messages behind these pieces; however, I like the style, and I like that most of them say something. It challenges me.

A couple of these are the more famous Banksy pieces he's done in Bethlehem fairly recently, i.e. bulletproof vest on bird, scissor cut-out, and children on the beach.

oooooh, Bonus!

some suprises you may not find elsewheres: