Saturday, November 22, 2008

flat water + flash floods (?)

i am so prone to forgetting what is good.

in the code
of something extremely repetitive.
copied and pasted
my in-attentions are many.

and i begin to think
that's all there is,
unacquainted with
that for which i was initially

forgive me Lord,
because i don't know what is good,
and am most often not aware
of what my heart really requires.


don't mind the drops
out of grey,
they're reminding me of home.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

tall spiders

Beginning to climb
We hesitated when we saw
Tall spiders
Uneven terrain
Driving on we found
We'd have to leave our automobiles.

Continuing by foot
In the country of arachnids
Arriving at a summit
Would they have eaten us
Or would they be warmed
By our amiable demeanor?

on interaction in an increasingly globalized age

Exchanges of words are valuable;
It just seems slightly off when at least 50% of your relations are carried out digitally.
But personal interaction is an expensive commodity.
When it is afforded,
It's no surprise I'm left feeling warm.