Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Washington, I shall behold you once more.

Soon I shall find myself descending (in some dimensions I would prefer to say ascending) into your stately pines, blue water, clean air, and bustling traffic. The tropics can be enjoyable, but in all honesty, I do prefer the forest, mountains, and snow that falls in the winter.

My communication will no longer be typed characters displayed as pixels on electronic monitors. How I will handle this transition I am not entirely sure. Sometimes I feel it's easier to type, less easy to speak with creative diction in proper syntax (at least in any agreeable amount of time.) With audible conversation, you don't hear green, squiggly, lines informing you of improper semi-colon use; with speech, I find myself mumbling, drowning in words, usually saying something I don't mean to say. I like Micrososft word because you can drag sentences exactly where you know they need to be. I need practice in socialization.

And here it comes.


I'll spend 15.83 at Starbucks IF it is an airplane company that is footing the bill.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


those who wait for You
those who seek You
the humble
the poor

These are who You came for. Help me not to be so prideful that I cannot see myself in one, if not many, of these. Thank You for coming for those who need/needed/will-need You. It's not something we would automatically look for.