Friday, July 25, 2008

a long citation, including, but not limited to the b-word.

{Thus in (Psalm) 36, "My heart showeth me the wickedness of the ungodly," each can reflect that his own heart is the specimen of that wickedness best known to him. After that, the upward plunge at verse 5 into the mercy high as heaven and the righteousness solid as the mountains takes on even more force and beauty. From this point of view I can use even the horrible passage in (Psalm) 137 about dashing the Babylonian babies against the stones. I know things in the inner world which are like babies; the infantile beginnings of small indulgences, small resentments, which may one day become dipsomania or settled hatred, but which woo us and wheedle us with special pleadings and seem so tiny, so helpless that in resisting them we feel we are being cruel to animals. They begin whimpering to us "I don't ask much, but", or "I had at least hoped", or "you owe yourself some consideration". Against all such pretty infants (the dears have such winning ways) the advice of the Psalm is the best. Knock the little bastards' brains out. And "blessed" he who can, for it's easier said than done.}

C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms, p. 136

This is certainly one of the most brilliant inductive interpretations I've heard in a long time. Thanks Clive.

Life lately is scattered. The daily schedule includes, but is not limited to morning yogurt-eating, class time, recycling, reverse watermelon-ing into small swimming pools, and quite often a lot of meetings and brainstorming. It's cool, but it's hard to know where this is all going. I'm having to trust that nothing You do is without Your purposes, or Your direction for that matter. Even when everything can seem so un-directed.

You want me in places where I can see your abilities and mine own disabilities. Not as grounds for showing me how weak I am (though this is accomplished); moreso I think as grounds for showing me how capable you are. It's going to be unbelievable to see what your hands can produce, if only I will let you grab them and put them to the work for which you have intended them.

We can try to be so professional.

Friday, July 18, 2008

the dight is always narkest...

If I'm planted where You live, I'll flourish in Your living room.

fresh: full of sap, lit. fat

flourishing: green

More and more I see that your presence is one that musn't be confined to one room or a single session of song-singing. Really, where doesn't your presence exist? Where shouldn't we be caught up in the understanding and depth that is found in Your affections? How quietly unaware of You we can be. Make us ones who are living with open eyes.

Why shouldn't we find you in best-selling literature? Do you cry when we confine ourselves away from that which would challenge our "knowledge" of You? Really, what couldn't You use to reveal Yourself? So, when we cast off certain items as an offense to our understandings, are we therefore casting ourselves away from the understanding we would develop of You in those areas? I'm believing You have overwhelming depth of insight to speak to individuals today, even through things that aren't sold in Christian bookstores.

And in my own life, you have given me the ability to speak, to say something, anything. Am I saying it? It's time something authentic, and I thank You that I don't have to wait for it to come from contemporary circles or pop culture.


Batman is surely now slaying the masses at the box office. Unfortunately, I will most likely be a part of contributing to its large profit margin. From what I've seen, I'm thinking it may be more about giving America hope in the midst of economic downfall than it is about a man who looks adorns a bat costume while saving the people of Gotham city.

I'm feeling as though my assets are scattered.