Thursday, September 27, 2007

seattle to cape town, with some small-scale airport adventures in between

I am now confident to say that the Japanese are masters of speed, efficiency, and kindness, amongst other things. Never have I found the airport personel to be so amiable and helpful. Kudos to you Japan.

Arriving in Singapore, I felt as if I had arrived in Florida. I had not, I was still in Singapore, it just felt like Florida. Maybe they buy their carpet from the same people.

Arriving in Johannesburg, we met James and Moses. In America they would have appeared to be wearing prison jumpsuits. In the Johannesburg airport however, orange jumpsuits identify the helpers/cartmen/people-who-take-your-cart-from-you-by-force-and-push-it. Usually this would have proved to be an annoyance, however, we soon found that they knew how to find their ways around hundreds of people - helpful when you flight leaves in less than an hour. They asked for some handsome tips, but I figure this is cheaper than the ticket I would have had to buy had I missed my flight…which most definitely would have been the case.

So I’m now in Cape Town. Africa? A very interesting brand of Africa I would say. It kind of seems like a European version of Africa. This I like. Maybe I shall get to explore sometime soon.

Oh, and I now live with three Korean gentlemen. I should be picking up some new vocabulary.

Monday, September 24, 2007

here's to you ellensburg. I love you and will hold you warmly in my heart.

So I'm leaving.

It is weird to say goodbye. I won't miss the smell of mothballs that we use to fend off the intruding skunks from beneath our home, but I will miss the mother and father who are now slumbering, and the brother whom I hug with fervor...not to mention the furry animals that run to and fro in the wee hours of the morning. If this is nostalgia, I do request your forgiveness.

It's weird saying goodbye to people for nine-months-but-more-like-a-year-and-a-half. Could it be possible that I would have the beginnings of facial hair by the time I return...most likely not. Could it be possible that my views on the world have changed completely? This I think is more likely.

I don't know what's going to happen, but this, I think, is good. Could it be possible that he, the LORD, would give me my expectations? Yes. I do think so.

I like long rides in airplanes. I like the small cups of coffee and not knowing what time of day it is. I like asking for multiple meals (for this one I have found the African Airlines to be most generous).

So I will miss the trees on ninth street this fall. I won't be riding my bicycle through the leaves. Others will in my place, but I don't know if this is any consolation.

I have sleepy eyes.

Maybe Monster Truck Madness is the best way to fare one well.